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What’s The Deal with Collagen?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How often do you hear about Collagen? If you are like me, in your 40s, I bet you see it or at least notice ads more now. Some people fear that even considering collagen makes us “old.” I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG! The reality is that we are aging, but it is recommended that we start taking a collagen supplement in our 20s.

Did you know collagen is a protein? Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies. It makes up 30% of all protein in our body. During childhood and into early adulthood, our bodies produce an abundance of collagen. But, once we reach our mid 20s, the amount produced starts to decline. This decline is present in men and women whereas we produce 1% less collagen each year. So, what happens? In time, you may notice wrinkles and signs of aging. By age 50 collagen production reduces significantly.

So, what are the benefits of collagen? Below are just some benefits that affected me in my lifestyle.

  1. Promote skin elasticity

  2. Strengthen hair & nails

  3. Help support bone & joint health

  4. Help encourage muscle growth

  5. Boost gut health

  6. Strengthen immune function

If you have been on the fence about it, I suggest you try it. I use Collagen Peptides made by Sports Research and to take it one step further meaning easier, I get the travel size because they are already portioned out to a single serving in each packet. I add this powder to my protein shakes. This one has 10g of protein which is a great addition to what you are eating especially if you just need a little more protein in your day.

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