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Let's Read Together in 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

I typically set some New Year’s Resolutions….at least that's what I did until 2 years ago.  There was just something that didn’t feel right about it last year.  This year I realized what it was…..”resolutions” feel like they are temporary.  What happens once I accomplish them?  The realization came to me when someone said to me “I’m going to stop drinking alcohol, eating carbs and eating sugar for 30 days.”  My initial thought was “what happens then, after 30 days?”  I know what happens from my years of doing that myself and then hearing my clients’ stories over the years.  This blog is not going to be about what happens in this scenario, but since I asked the question, I’ll give you the answer.  We potentially binge on those very things,  don’t learn healthy habits and even worse we are right back in that self sabotage, failure feeling mode.  

Because of this,  I decided setting lifestyle goals is better for me because “goals” means habit and lifestyle in my life.  Throughout the upcoming months I will talk about what my goals are rather than put them all in today’s blog.  I want this first one of the year to be fun and interactive!

Do you read?  Let me tell you, ever since I was a child, reading was not fun for me.  I remember at an early age that I was always thinking about other things, always drifting so I just wouldn’t read.  I had so many frustrations especially when it was a school assignment that would end up lasting much longer because I’d realize I read, but I wasn’t paying attention to what it was I read and had to re-read.  It is 100%  why I prefer a hands-on approach to most things.  

A few years ago I set a “resolution” to read 1 book (yep, that's right…just 1!) in that year.  I felt I was interested in true psychologically based books so that’s what I got.  It took a loooong time, but I got through half of it, not even the entire book.  In fact, I was going through books the other day and I found THAT one under the pile. It made me laugh thinking back and also gave me the idea to write this.

I think it was June of 2022 when my daughter gave me a book and said “Mom just try this.” My girl has always tried to get me into it to the point year after year she would remind me to put it into my resolutions.  It became a joke between us.  But, this time was different….This was fiction and I decided to really stay present and take the book in.  Guess what!  I loved it!  AND finished it within weeks.  I was hooked.  Fiction was my thing!  I was determined to continue reading.  I am happy to say I have read 15 books since that time.  I like getting lost in my books, talking to friends about them and then giving them away.  In fact, this year for the studio holiday party we did a book and bottle exchange.  It was so much fun!  

So!  If you like to read or want to get into it,  let’s connect on Good Reads.  This app is great!  I like to see my results and here I can keep track of where I am at in each book and look back at what I have read  in addition to looking up reviews of books I haven’t read yet. My goal this year is a book a month…but I am secretly hoping to get a few extra in!  Look for me and connect on Good Reads - Darlene Bellarmino.  This will be fun and keep us accountable.

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