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Are you skeptical about supplements and vitamins?

I used to be skeptical anytime someone mentioned supplements or vitamins. Well, the thing about vitamins is that they were always in pill form which I couldn’t stand . In addition to that I’d take everything I was “supposed” to(all at once) and I’d get nauseous. One time I went to work, feeling all good about my morning, ate a great meal, got to work early, packed my lunch and all of the vitamins I was supposed to have…..well, mid morning I decided “I’m going to take these now so I can feel even better. “ Ha! I ended up feeling so nauseous that I could barely work and had to go home early. So much for doing what I thought was the right thing….

Because of this incident I stayed away from vitamins and didn’t even want to give supplements a chance. I mean, after all, my thought process was that these were going to magically make all of the problems I thought I had go away. Is that your belief or was it at some point? This is just one of the many myths we grew up learning.

Fast forward many years later and I finally was given the education I needed. Supplements are just that. They aren’t meant to fix everything. They are meant to supplement the nutrients we aren’t getting from food or environment. That was the first thing I had to understand. Next, I learned the importance of timing vitamins and supplements throughout the day. And finally, I learned that vitamins and supplements also come in powder form.

I now take a few vitamins and supplements each day that work for me and I love them! In fact, I love them so much that I inquired about being able to sell them to my clients. I won’t bombard you with a bunch of my favorites, but I do want to tell you about one that I take every morning. I don’t start a day without it. It’s called Anti-Aging made by Isotonix Essentials. Look, I am 47 and so “Anti-Aging” definitely caught my eye when I was looking into what I should take. The anti aging blend is great because it restores the vitamins and minerals that deplete as our bodies age. It supports brain and cognitive health, provides a strong antioxidant defense and provides daily nutrients. Not only does it taste good, It’s a powder which means I just add water and drink it!

If you have been skeptical about vitamins and supplements, but are open to learning more since they are good for us, ask someone who knows. Of course, before taking anything, you should always consult with your doctor especially if you are being treated for anything medical related.

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