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Darlene Bellarmino is a star in the fitness arena. Her certifications include:

  • NASM Certified (Personal Training Certification)

  • AFAA Certified (Group Fitness Certification)

  • CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach)



I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and an on-line group fitness instructor with classes ranging from Barbells to Kickboxing and Pilates to HIIT.

My fitness journey is not typical but I think one you may be able to relate to. As a working mother of two, there was little “me” time and, as a result, I struggled internally with things like confidence, self-worth and positivity. It wasn’t until a friend bought me a gym membership that I even considered exercise as a part, let alone an important part, of my daily life.

One year after starting my health journey, I became I became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and began teaching classes. From there, my life goals and commitment to fitness became so clear to me that I left my corporate position and switched my career path completely, going into the fitness industry on a full-time basis. Still, I felt as if I had more to do (yes, I love to challenge myself), and now I OWN a Personal Training business, RISE Training and Nutrition LLC (Resilient. Inspired. Strong. Empowered). During the pandemic I created Girl Up, THE fitness app for women and became a Certified Nutrtition Coach, adding RISE Nutrition to the business.


 I focus on educating clients in ways that support their goals and ensure exercise adherence. Safety and functional movement are my primary goals and are taken into account when creating each client's training program. I know when and how to push you or when to maintain your current workout intensity in order to see the results you desire and to make you achieve personal success.

Although I am serious when explaining and demonstrating the exercises at hand and in discussing my clients’ health goals, I enjoy laughing with my clients while also providing you with a comprehensive exercise experience and education. I want my clients to know that it’s about you and your needs. I believe fitness encompasses the whole person….physical, mental and emotional.  I want you to feel seen, heard and respected while achieving your physical goals.

RISE to the occasion. Join me today and feel good about yourself, inside and out.